A love for great tasting food can take us on the most thrilling historical journey, transporting us across continents and centuries to a world of spice traders, settlers and cultural fusion.

When we eat a curry today, few of us think about how they came to be. But not us, we, at The Spice Tailor love nothing more than learning more about our favourite curries. It was this curiosity that led us to learn that our favourite South East Asian curries were inspired by early Indian curries that made their way East with the many settlers and traders who visited or moved there. These quintessential Indian dishes evolved to incorporate local ingredients to become the vibrant and distinct curries they are today.


Since 2011, we have been sharing our passion for delicious and authentic Indian food - with spices and flavour at the heart of everything we do. We feel we are pretty good at creating complex curries of restaurant quality that enable you to create your own delicious meals at home with no stress and in no time. We are really excited to take our passion for curry further afield by cooking and bringing to you some of our favourite aromatic and vibrant curries from South East Asia. As with our Indian curries, these curries are completely natural as we shun all preservatives, fillers or colourings and they are 100% vegetarian as we haven’t used fish sauce or shrimp paste but believe the curries are still complex, harmonious and completely delicious.

I hope you love them as much as we do!

South East Asian Sauces