Naans are one of India’s most popular breads. These oven-baked leaven breads were a welcome addition to India’s everyday flatbreads when they found their way from Central Asia. They were then quickly adopted by Mughlai restaurants and soon became the quintessential elegant restaurant bread.


These days they can also be bought at street-side stalls in some regions and are often picked up on the way home to be eaten with a homemade curry. Naans never quite made it into the domestic kitchen and even today, they are probably bought in more than homemade.

The Spice Tailor naans are hand-stretched and flame-baked into thin, soft and pliable breads that are perfect for scooping up your curry. In fact, at HQ, we think they are so great, we also use them to make pressed paninis, hot sandwiches, pizzas and grilled sauce and dressing-moppers. Their versatility is now legendary!

And best of all we are really proud of that fact that our naans are now free of flavourings, colourings and preservatives.