Biryani is a thoroughly Indian dish but with foreign beginnings. The original Biryani was a meat and rice-based dish that made its way to India from Central Asia with successions of Mughal rulers, traders and settlers hundreds of years ago. Once in India, the dish evolved and incorporated local vibrancy in the form of spices, other proteins, pulses and even vegetables. Soon there was a plethora of delicious regional biryanis which remain brilliant jewels in India’s culinary crown.


Traditionally, biryanis were considered a special-occasion meal. Because it required experience, time and costly ingredients to cook them, they were mostly made for large gatherings and celebrations.

Our biryanis stick to the traditions that have been passed down by generations of chefs and cooks and use only the best quality ingredients and fragrant Basmati rice. The only difference between a traditional biryani and The Spice Tailor biryani is that our delicious one-pot versions can be prepared in just 15 minutes! Simply choose your favourite fresh vegetables or protein, grab a lidded pot and you are ready to cook.

Our biryanis remain a crowd-pleaser - but when they are this convenient to cook, they’re also a great mid-week meal to make for yourself and your family.